Innogreen Zer0Tox Aqua

BIO-Melter S -15/0 °C

A solid base de-icer for demanding winter condition, it provides a long residual anti-icing effect under extreme weather conditions.

It can be used on roads, airports, platforms, walkways and most surfaces open to freezing and is active at temperatures down to -15 °C. Due to its irregular granular shape, it will remain where spread. Applied alone BIO-Melter S provides a long residual anti-icing/de-icing effect under extreme weather conditions. It can also be used pre-wetted in combination with liquid BIO-Melter L to obtain a rapid initial de-icing effect. For more precise information please use technical and material safety data sheets.

  • Envirnomental friendly: Low toxicity and biodegradabilty: It is a safer environmentally friendly than glycols.
  • Used and endorsed by airports worldwide: Is preferred over propylene glycol at most airport facilities.
  • Safe: Non-flammable and safe to handle.
  • Totally chloride free, therefore more friendly towards metals and concrete.
  • Superior Performance: Effective during curative and preventive treatment mode: Liquid is effective at a quicker rate a solid base deicer. However, the effectiveness of the liquid base is rapidly limited due to their dilution. The interest of solids lies in their holdover time; however, the solid base is limited by the speed of action (dissolution time). As recommended in our technical data sheets, simultaneously spreading a liquid Biomelter L and a solid Biomelter S enable the advantages of both products to be combined.
  • Economical: Superior holdover time and enhanced holdover runways/roads, higer runway/road safety. More effective over time and better proctecting of pavements: Open longer, fewer delays and cancellations.
  • Approved: The international AMS 1431 aviation standard (Certification)

Effective performance, low friezingpoint, faster melting of ice and snow, ice residues dissolve quickly, friction values rise quickly, less slippery, lower application rates, runways open quickely and longer. Even and remaning spread patterns, low toxicity and biodegradabilty.

  • On roads, airports, platforms, walkways and most surface.
  • For te removel of snow, ice and forst of the runways.
  • Works for de-icing and anti-icing (curative and preventive for icing)
  • Provides a long residual anti-icing effect under extreme weather conditions.
  • For maximum effect under dry conditions, it can be used pre-wetted with the liquid de-icing product.
  • It is recommended as alternative de-icer/ anti-icer to glycol, glycol/potassium acetate and urea and is used in most major airports.
  • It has largely replaced glycols and glycols/potassium acetate at airports.
  • Review the Material Safety Data Sheet before use.
  • Compatible with most known materials used in storage equipment and the equipment used to apply the product.
  • They have moderately corrosive effect on zinc, galvanized material, solder and soft solders. And these materials should, therefore, be avoided
  • 1000 kg big-bags
  • 25 kg small bagg