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AutoPro -35/180 °C

The indirect liquid cooling systems for electric vehicles and the conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) cooling system are very similar: both circulate coolant throughout a series of metal pipes to transfer heat away from the battery pack or engine. Therefore, coolant requirements for indirect liquid cooling systems in electric vechicle will be very similar to traditional ICE coolants.

When circulating a liquid coolant in an engine cooling system it is important that the coolant prevents corrosion to protect vehicle safety and performance. The coolants, therefore, requires a high heat capacity with corrosion inhibitors.

InnogreenChem has developed a car coolant: AutoPro that is safe and effective for both the conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) cooling system as for the electric vehicles indirect liquid cooling systems.

  • Superior performance: AutoPro retains its high fluidity at low circulating temperatures than Propylene Glycol making it easier to pump and achieve turbulent flow increasing overall system efficiency.
  • Comprehensive 3-fold protection: AutoPro offers protection against freezing, overheating, corrosion in (electric) engine cooling systems.
  • Corrosion-resistant additive packages: Protects against rust, scale, and corrosion to protect vehicle safety and performance.
  • Non-Toxic: AutoPro is a smart blend of non-toxic organic biodegradable molecules, and is without phosphate, nitrite, amine, and borax. Unlike other products on the market – AutoPro consists of only sustainable ingredients and an additive package of long-lasting organic corrosion inhibitors, making the formulation a truly non-toxic option. The 99% of the coolant in the market is a commodity such as glycols.
  • Environmental Friendly: The product is free from environmentally harmful volatile organic carbons (VOC) and free from non-biodegradable ingredients. Its mixtures are readily biodegradable and will not remain long in the environment.
  • Temprature range: Minium – 35 Max 180.

Maintenance of heat transfer fluid systems

This program is designed to support and help our customers get maximum life out of our fluids, throughout their systems lifecycle. This program includes sample analysis, operational & safety training, system flush and refill assistance (e.g flushing/cleaning systems and flush and refill fluids).

We offers heat transfer fluids testing to detect contamination, thermal degradation, and other conditions that may impact system performance. To conduct your sample analysis, we will provide you with easy-to-use sample kit. Additional analyses are available on request. A results report of the tests/analyses with comments on the fluid/system condition and any corrective actions will be provided.

This comprehensive program includes maintaining the fluid, including advising a suitable fluid for the application, providing change-out advice or assistance, establishing a fluid monitoring program and providing regular sample analyses with comments on the fluid condition and any corrective actions.

With multiple formulations and extensive chemical and engineering expertise available to Innogreen-Chem –  Our technical experts can work with you to design a fluid that your installation requires. Simply give us the details of your project, metallurgy, volumes, piping diameters and Innogreen-Chem will offer a suitable solution.

As part of our sustainability program, we offers a fluid recycling program for our heat transfer fluids. Depending on several factors like the type of the fluid and its condition of contamination.