Heat Transfer Fluid

About Coolant/ Heat Transfer Fluid

“Coolant” also called “Heat transfer fluid” is essential for the operation of the system. A correctly selected Heat Transfer Fluid provides excellent thermal stability to ensure years of a long life operation of your system. They serve as an intermediary in cooling on one side of a process and heating on another side of a process. They protect against freezing, overheating, corrosion, and biological fouling and used in applications and processes requiring heating or cooling, typically in a closed circuit and in continuous cycles.

When selecting a fluid for your temperature, there are a number of things to consider including: Temperature range, pH level, corrosion risk, toxicity, evaporation, viscosity, expense, evaporation, bio-fouling, inhibitors, disposal, thermal properties, compatibility, electrical conductivity, density, and flammability.

Innogreen Chem Heat transfer fluids are available in various formulations and operating ranges. They provide excellent benefits such as high system performance, minimum maintenance, precise temperature control, energy efficiency, and (environmental) safety.

Looking for an excellent Heat Transfer Fluid suitable fluid for your application? Choose a heat transfer fluid below, to evaluate the specific product performance benefits, typical application, technical specification, and toxicological and environmental properties.

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