Green Chemistry

Engineering Sustainable Molecules

Chemicals are a part of our everyday life, they are everywhere and in everything. Once in the environment, they can potentially drive change. We engineer sustainable chemicals to bridge the independence of harmful ones. We focus on areas where our innovation and sustainable solutions can have the biggest positive impact. We engineer alternatives that are safer without technical compromises.  Smart, green, and innovative solutions. That is our strength and that’s what we are committed to. Not for ourselves but for a sustainable future.

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About InnoGreenChem We engineer innovative solutions based on sustainable chemicals

InnogreenChem started the business with a passion for biochemical engineering and a mission to deliver sustainable solutions for a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment. Specialized in the production & engineering of green chemicals for a great variety of applications. Our production facility is based in the Netherlands. What makes us different? We are committed to innovation and sustainable development. Driven by the technology we develop green alternatives to hazardous substances, with high performance, functionality, and economical prices. That’s why we are InnogreenChem innovative, sustainable and solution-driven. Not for ourselves, but for our partners and customers. Smart sustainable solutions, innovative, good for their business and the environment.

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Innogreen-Chem is fully dedicated to providing the best possible Quality, Value and Service to meet all of our customers’ needs.


InnoGreen-Chem is fully commited to developing sustainable solutions to generate a positive impact for society and the envirnoment.


As experts in the field of (green) chemical engineering, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide the highest quality and sustainable product solutions.