InnogreenChem believe in the value; providing effective yet affordable products that are unharmful to our environment, preserving a sustainable ecosystem. For that reason, InnogreenChem designed quality ice melters with the environment in mind. Our products are layered with various ingredients that provide many attributes such as an anti-corrosive feature. It’s specifically designed to melt ice and snow effectively, while posing no risk to roads, users, animals or the environment, when used as directed.

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About InnoGreenChem We engineer innovative solutions based on sustainable chemicals

InnogreenChem started the business with a passion for biochemical engineering and a mission to deliver sustainable solutions for a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment. Specialized in the production & engineering of green chemicals for a great variety of applications. Our production facility is based in the Netherlands. What makes us different? We are committed to innovation and sustainable development. Driven by the technology we develop green alternatives to hazardous substances, with high performance, functionality, and economical prices. That’s why we are InnogreenChem innovative, sustainable and solution-driven. Not for ourselves, but for our partners and customers. Smart sustainable solutions, innovative, good for their business and the environment.

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