Manufacturers and suppliers to the auto industry are working to address environmental concerns associated with the industry and as the consumer show preference towards ‘greener’ technologies and products, manufacturers are further motivated to seek efficiencies and non-toxic product alternatives.

InnogreenChem has design an innovative coolant based on renewable molecules instead of fossil-based molecules.

Indirect cooling engine/systems (ICE) in electric vechicle are similar to ICE cooling systems in conventional vechicle, both circulate liquid coolant through a series of metal pipes and can therefore use a traditional liquid coolant for their indirect cooling systems.

The coolant protecting the engine from overheating and corrosion, and the cooling system protecting the coolant from oxygen and excessive heat. Together, they maintain the engine at its most efficient temperature, whatever the environmental or operating conditions.

Today’s engine technologies pose hefty challenges for their cooling system counterparts, making coolant and cooling system monitoring more important than ever.

The need for better performance under stricter emissions standards has required cooling systems to operate at much higher temperatures under greater pressure and increased flow rates. Significantly more heat is generated requiring even more cooling efficiency from a system that is now much smaller.


Liquid cooling used in vechicle’s indirect cooling system is the most efficiënt and practical method of cooling battery packs and currently the most widely used.

There is a higher importance on having the correct coolant and additive package in electric vechicle cooling system compared to conventional ICE cooling systems, as high stress and temperatures generated by the batteries can deteriorate the battery pack performance. Moreover, the heat generated as the battery is used in electric engine, can even pose safety threats to the passengers.

It is vital to use a coolant that is non toxic to the environnement. Coolant can pollute groundwater, surface water and drinking water supplies if dumped, spilled or leaked. They are harmful to plants, marine, aquatic life, cats and dog. Coolants based on toxic ingredients like glycols can poisned, cat, dogs and other animals through ingestion.

  • Electric Vechicle/Car: A high demand for longer battery life and higher power output. To achieve this, the battery thermal management systems will need to be able to transfer heat away from the battery pack as they are charged and discharged at higher rates. The heat load for the battery requires advanced cooling techniques to promote safe and reliable operation.
  • Convential (ICE) Vechicle/Car: Cooling systems need a high Performance coolant which needs to provide higer cooling efficiency for cooling engine system that designed smaller due to stricter emissions standards. Because of the smaller cooling systems the operating temperatures have increased dramatically, requiring better heat transfer capability. The coolant needs to have a low viscosity to provide increased flow efficiency and a improved overall engine efficiency.
  • AutoPro: A sustainable coolant with high heat capacity and thermal conductivity (It protect against, corrosion, overheating, and forst). It’s a high-performance renewable-based coolant that is an environmentally friendly alternative to Ethylene and Propylene glycol-based coolant/antifreeze.

Eco friendly and High performance Heat Transfer Fluid/Coolant/Antifreeze

This coolant is engineered with renewable molecules instead of fossil fuel-based molecules. This envirnomentally friendly (fully replacing glycols) and higher performance engine coolant, provides superior corossion protection to suit the latest high-tech engines.

  • Superior performance: Protects againt, freezing, forst and overheating
  • More envirnomentaly friendly than glycol based coolants (fully replacing glycols and is based on renewable molecules).
  • Superior corrosion protection: excellent corossion, cavitation and erosion protection.
  • Non-toxic: Voc free, free of borate, nitrite, phosphate and amine free formulation.
  • Specially engineerd for the latest latest high-tech engines and sustainable/green cars.