Feed Solutions

You built your brand we drive your technology!

What makes the difference between feed additive solutions on the basis of fatty acids? We believe it is the product Technology! It is about Mastering the balance between high active ingredient content and optimizing the free-flowing characteristics for easy handling and best livestock performance. All you need is your ideas and we as your Technology partner drive your product Technology.

As an animal feed nutritionist and product manager, you will have a winning strategy in mind about the best combination of monoglycerides, short and medium-chain fatty acids. To maximize the synergistic potential, we as your technology partner will make the difference by driving your product Technology. We mix your private label to match your specification.

You have ideas to develop your private label feed additives. Are you wondering how to transfer ideas into Technology? We are, specialists in the production & engineering of fatty acids! We offer customized feed additives on the basis of free-flowing fatty acids at economical prices. Our feed additive solutions are safe and very easy to handle in animal feeds.

We are your Technology partner to transfer your ideas into private label feed additive solutions. We are a tolling partner for feed additive and animal feed companies across the globe. Do you believe it’s about time to change your strategy for fatty acids?

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