Airport Runway

InnogreenChem Runway Pavement Solutions are safe, advanced, fast, gentle, and effective when removing ice, snow, and rubber from airport runways.


  • Superior Performance: Powerful formula: acts safe, advanced, fast, gentle, and effective.
  • Non-toxic & Environmentally Safe: It will not harm the surrounding vegetation, drainage system or wildlife, or pollute nearby streams.
  • Environmentally Friendly Alternative to hazardous chemical solutions

Every time an airplane lands, it deposits about a pound to a pound of half of the rubber on the runway. When the rubber accumulates it doesn’t just make black marks on the surface, it begins to reduce the friction needed for safe aircraft landings. Runway rubber removal is an essential function to maintain safe landing areas for the aviation industry.

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The choice of a runway deicer remains a delicate step in the preparation of the airport winter season. The physical, chemical, functional and environmental properties of the products seem to be some of the main, but not exclusive, criteria that airport operators use to choose a runway deicer and to specify what it is to be used for.

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